Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Must a person have an airplane Pilot License before learning to fly Helicopters? A: No. Most of our students have no prior flying experience. Q: Is it harder to learn to fly a Helicopter than to fly an airplane? A: While flying Helicopters requires a different set of skills than an airplane or driving an automobile, it is not difficult. Q: Do you have to be wealthy to learn to fly Helicopters? A: No. Any person with average means can learn to fly a Helicopter affordably. J.R Aviation can also provide financing for your level of pilot license. Q: Can an average person own a Helicopter? A: Yes! With our Fractional Helishare program a person can own a share of a NEW Helicopter for about the same as a new car. Q: Can a Helicopter land anywhere? A: Yes, within reason. Permission of the landowner is the only basic requirement to land a Helicopter. Also, Helicopters are relatively light, so helipads can be easily constructed in convenient places like a roof, boat, parking lot, small field, or dock..